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  • I never realized how tall Lamar was until now... Great picture
  • I can't wait to see Katniss and Peeta's first kiss!
  • she's a bitch it wasn't a mistake she made she did kris dirty and she didn't even try she is selfish....nuff said..
  • kim kardashian is a ROLE model. she and her whole family portray good qualities, who cares if they are filthy rich? who cares if they pose nude, look at how OLD they are doing these things. its no ones place to say she isn't a role model, in this day in age, you see other celebrities doing hard core drugs and being exposed about it in the media, correct me if I'm wrong, but do you see ANY of the kardashian/jenner's in that limelight? HELL NO. because again, they are a well put together family and unlike other reality shows, they expose everything about there lives. come to think about it, they are NORMAL people! being famous is just a cherry on top for them but even with or without cameras im sure they'd still be the well tight knitted family they are on television and off screen. and quite honestly, its really sad for others to say she's not a role model, she's beautiful, smart, honest, and HUMAN. and she and her family show there mistakes and how they move forward with it just like us regular day people. stop hating! #teamkardashian/jenner
  • se le ve super el pelo a kim bueno todo en ella se le ve super cool