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  • HI, I like Snooki, becasue we have been able to seen her grow with the past of time, she started in Jersey Shore saying "party is here" and in the last season she actually said "pregnant bitch is here", she is a mother a-almost-wife, a family woman, a business woman, a party girl and a person who is so confident she does not care about what people might hhave to say about her, she is pretty awesome if you ask me, and she knows who she is and is not gonna act like anybody but herself. I am Fania Mozo, from Barranquilla-Colombia (south america) and I am a huge fan! hope I win :D so that I can have my products when i travel to NY to see my long distance fiance in march ... I would love to meet snooki then but dont think it would be possible :( anywho, God bless you Nicole and your family :D