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  • Tamra is getting blasted over at the Bravo site. She didn't blog for a few weeks and when she posted her latest, the viewers responded with over 700 angry comments, many demanding that Bravo fire her! Gretchen isn't getting any love either. I think they are both acting like bullies (yes BULLIES!) this year & it is making Alexis and Vicki more likeable. As for the Heather/Terry divorce drama, I agree with the other poster here. I am not buying it. Heather is a terrible candidate for reality tv because she is: 1) smart 2) self aware and 3) a real actress. There is no way we are going to get a real peep into their private lives...everything she does is carefully vetted. I want at least some reality in my reality tv so I skip the Heather parts of the show these days.