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  • My son is deaf and even though my favorite was The Help, I think our family enjoyed the The Artist the most. Since its a silent film it was great to finally watch something with my son that we didnt have to put subtitles on and really just concentrate on the movie. It was truly great to watch movies the way my baby does (silent) and this movie was fun and interesting.
  • Iam going for 6 years of marriage this april and this would be a great addition to our marriage. We have two boys who obvioulsly always keep us busy, so it would be so great to have something like this where after a day of hussle and bussle we can take a bath and just sprit this on and let the rest happen. Sometimes one or the other is a little too tired but this would be a great thing to have when we just need that little extra energy or we just want that extra little attention from our partner. I really think this can make a difference in our home, please help us the parents of two hyper boys get a little extra spice in our life. :)
  • I think every lady has a different style which I love but they all still have some class and elegance. However, My favorite has to be Lisa, She always has the most style and elegance even when wearing simple jeans, she can rock any kind of clothing. Whether it be her pink outfit for gardening or her gorgeous gowns she always looks fabulous. Shes never showing too much clevage or wearing too short of dresses where you can see her privates. She knowns how to pair everything with some gorgeous jewelery. She just has impecible taste and it helps that shes just so beautiful. I love Kyles style however it looks as if she never changes it up, I feel as if its the same style of dresses. Adrienne seems to always want to dress younger than she is and it gets a bit annoying. Other than that everyone else is just ok, Lisa is by far the BEST in my opinion! I hope I look like her when I get older.
  • My special date is 4-10-2006 which is my wedding date...I would say my childrens birthday but it wouldnt make sense because without my hubby and I there would be no Isaiah and Sam. Therefore that date means the world to me, its the day my life started and i knew the real meaning of love. My 6th anniversary is quickly approaching therefore it would be great to have something permanent other than a tattoo to always remind me of that special date. Just incase I grow old and get alzeimers this would be a great reminder with my wedding rings. Theres nothing more important that a reminder of the start of your life.
  • The best moment for me has to be when Bella walks down the Aisle with her father and she's nervous and excited then Edward sees her from across the aisle his face lights up also when everyone is wondering if shes pregnant because shes getting married so fast. I think that part has to be my favorite because I relate to that scene. I got married at 18 right after high school everyone, i mean everyone thought i was pregnant...but i wasnt. I was just in love as much as i am now with my husband of 6 years and 2 kids later that love remains the same. I just wish i would have had that gorgeous wedding...maybe thats another reason why I LOVE that part.
  • As a busy married mommy of two its very difficult to keep track of what i eat and much less have time to work out all these nasty toxins out of my body. I need this product because I'm due for a good cleaning, and some detoxifying. I want to feel better and healthier, I've noticed lately i've been breaking out alot and my stomach has been a bit upset. Im long over due for some of this, it would truly be a dream to win this organic cleansing pruduct. As busy as i am this looks fairly simple to just make, shake, and go. Just my thing. :)
  • I could use a makeover due to the fact that i am a stay at home mommy of 2 boys whom have taken almost most of my time. My oldest is deaf therefore most of my time has been consumed trying to learn this new AMAZING language to help my communication with him. Ive been married for almost 6 years now (since I was 18) and gained about 50 lbs since then. My style has suffered tremendously and I def. need help. I would like to impress my hubby all over again even with me being plus size and all. Its a challenge for all plus size women to have style since most things dont come in our size however I would like to learn and really do it for myself. I want to look good going to the store, PTA meetings and even dinner dates. Please make this possible. Sincerely, One Needy Mommy. :)
  • In my opinion I think Sofia wore it better... However, Im not sure if its because Im a stay at home mommy and im almost always in jeans. Therefore its something I would wear just like that. I love how its casual yet very chic with jewelery and all, plus the color is stunning, def eye catching. Giuliana looks amazing but hands down have to give it to Sophia. Still Love you Giuliana!!
  • What makes me a techie, is that a married one (seriously he's an IT graduate) therefore i always know whats up. For example that HEX is the new and improved way to keep our loved ones safe and our gadgets out of sight. We read all the latest gadget magazines and we stay on top of gadget news. Even our 5 year old and our 2 year old know all about tech stuff. Our 2 year old knows how to operate an iphone. My deaf 5 year old knows how to handle most gadgets even though he's deaf. We are def. a techie family and this would be a great way to add some security to our stuff and our lifestyle.
  • I should have these because if anyone like my hubby and I wears contacts theyll know you must always have some good shades for those windy days, hot days even cold days. Being that im a mom on the go and a everyday contact user my eyes always get dry with the wind and if im driving and its hot or i need the heater i cant even direct it torwards my face because my eyes dry out, we need to be careful when theres a windy day that nothing flies into our eyes. Its stressful enough not to have great eye vision and its even worse to have contacts....These glasses would soo make up for the hassle and make a world of a difference for me. :)