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  • Hey, kids. I have never commented on this site until now. I commented once on Celebitchy, and as I recall, it was not concerning Leann Rimes. My usual one-liners are on my favorite writer, who has her facts straight, Amy Grindhouse. Because I can comment on A.G. without having to spend a disproportionate amount of time mildly correcting facts. Refreshing, to say the least.
  • I would like to clear up one small mistake here. I am not a composer, or "film scorer" as you called it. I was an assistant editor in picture, sound and music for my whole working life, my last eight years in the studio system as the assistant to music editor Ken Wannberg and composer John Williams. Ten years ago I struck out on my own, and am a "score co-producer" for small, independent films. As flattering as it is, I am not a well known "film scorer" - but that was fun to read this morning!
  • Bob - do you mind giving your name and information as I did so that we can talk face to face? I would like the names of the folks who have called you vile names for being, you know, just "Bob' - a leann fan. A fan who attacks a commenter who is backing me up. I have put up my picture and e-mail address on this thread. Anyone wants to challenge me, please do the same, thank you. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo
  • Erin, I am not wasting my time, what I do for a living has been called into question. I offered my services to Ms. Rimes lawyer to help with the confusion. What is odd about that?
  • And Celebuzz, If you choose not to publish my comments, I will go elsewhere, as your headlines are misleading and have no facts to back them up. Again, I have given out my info for either you or Leann Rimes attorney Mr. Stein to contact. Crickets, always crickets.
  • Obviously, I need to repeat myself. I wrote a tweetlonger after Mr. Stein had rumbled about legal action against Kim Smiley, concerning the tape and the alleged editing of the tape. I gave Mr. Stein our information so that he could contact us when he was preparing his lawsuit to prove that Leann Rimes has been the victim of bullying and illegal activity. Instead, Mr. Stein goes to Celebuzz to make his case that Leann is the victim. I am reposting my original tweetlonger, as it seems nobody screencapped it for this article. Again, Mr. Stein - if you and your client feel that the bullying of Leann has sent her to rehab, and the taping of her calling Kimberly Smiley is grounds for a lawsuit, please call experts in the field of audio editing for testimony, rather than making ridiculous and unfounded claims to an online tabloid. Thank you. Original twitlonger, below: Kelly MahanJaramillo (@KellyMJara) Posted Friday 24th August 2012 from Twitlonger Okay, once again @leannrimes. If you are "turning the matter of the taping over to your lawyer" will you please be sure to subpoena both my husband @tomashradcky and myself? I am still represented by Gorfaine/Schwartz, I am sure you know who they are. Despite the fact that Tomas and I went independent years ago, I still have that whole agencies team of lawyers at my disposal. I am a fairly decent expert concerning audio editing. Tomas's knowledge is frightening, and between the two of us we have a roster of directors, other composers and their legal staff who would be happy to back up our testimony. At first, according to you, the call that YOU made to @8smileys did not exist. Now, this "non-existent" call has been "edited." Your poor Mr. Stein is eating tums for breakfast, lunch and dinner over that glaring discrepancy alone. You made the call, @leannrimes. You also had it on speakerphone, immediately negating all privacy issues. If anyone had properly mixed or edited that taping, @8smileys DOG would have been dialed waaay down, just for starters. And for the people who's only complaint is that they do not like @8smileys voice? Her voice would have been auto-tuned to make it more pleasing to those who have absolutely no other argument concerning Leann Rimes language and overall aggressive behavior and unbelievable audacity on that phone call. So please, @leannrimes - have Mr. Stein contact us. Tomas can prove, by running the raw recording through Final Cut Pro that there is NOT ONE edit. The audio graph shows it as one constant conversation, the whole way. No cross fades, no mixing, and no edits. There is a big difference between "snippets" of a conversation, which were first put out publicly, and actual "edits." We are ready and willing to go to court to prove there is not one single edit in either the "snippet" OR the full twenty minute tape. Contact us here: Thank you, look forward to hearing from you. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo