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  • I love when they kiss they r so cute together!!!!
  • I love you Selena!!!
  • I love Selena so much she is my idol, and my insperation she is so beautiful and so dedicated to her fans. I hope I get to meet her someday to tell her the great things shes done for me. Thank you Selena Marie Gomez! <3 Selena Gomez
  • That isn't Selena you guys! LOL It looks nothing like her. She looks like shes like 40 lol
  • Venessa, I love her...I am a Selenator!!! She is my insperatin, my life!!! I <3 her to death LOL!! If you hate her so much why did you go on this page? I don't get haters sometime I mean if you hate her that is your problem, but don't bash her! She has feelings too, and I know everybody says this when they see a status like this..but really I mean it!