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  • Apologies to FKA Twigs and her fans. Some of us TwiLadies are attempting to reign in the hate brought on by Twilight obsessions. Believe it or not, it’s Twilight’s OLDER fangirlz who have always caused all these embarrassing problems and still – not young girls. The racist lobs are just easy for incensed young girls who ARE part of the ‘color-blind’ generation.
  • Stephenie Meyer – HOW was ’50 Shades of Grey’ inspired by Twilight?!
  • Why is '50 Shades of Grey' and the Idea of Sexual Submission So Addictive for So Many Women and HOW Could Twilight Have Inspired These Power-Play Novels? hub.me/afLbm What is the difference between Twilight obsessions and every other teenage obsession like Elvis, The Beatles or Harry Potter, etc.? Twilight obsessions were caused by professional NEGLIGENCE as opposed to creative BRILLIANCE. hub.me/afKNf There is no other FANBASE on this PLANET - and there NEVER HAS BEEN - that is so divided, hateful and MEAN to each other; nor is there ANY other fanbase that has taken such a POUNDING from the entire world because a 'saga' turned out so dysfunctional. Questions for Stephenie Meyer and her ARMY of desperate housewives - Book on the obsessions of OLDER TwiLadies coming out for Twilight’s TENTH Anniversary in 2015. Only you can STOP it. Details SEARCH: explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for the SCOOP on Hollywood’s extended, misogynistic smear campaign
  • Why is '50 Shades of Grey' and the Idea of Sexual Submission So Addictive for So Many Women
  • TwiLadies… You can SEE what these damn tabloids and papz are doing to both Robert and Kristen, and they are only tormenting them to HURT US – because we make them money when our emotions are swirling around about them. SEARCH: explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot to get the scoop and sign the petitions to set them and us free from these dumb PR assaults.
  • It's hysterical. It's just like when Robert Pattinson was cast in Twilight. Everybody hated the idea until the first marketing images were released - then BOOM, head over heels in LOVE, LoL! How do you suppose ’50 Shades of Grey’ POSSIBLY be inspired by Twilight?
  • p2: 2) Now it's OVER even if it MIGHT be 'temporary'. *I* think those 'over for now & taking a break' blurbs WERE from either Kristen or Robert's camp since that was one of the first things to come out about it. AND they both seemed to start working on their separate paths after that - especially Kristen with the way she was allowing herself to be seen laughing & smiling for the papz with friends for a few days BEFORE they p*ssed her off and she started flipping them off, ha! Remember what the tabloids were saying when she did that? They had just started up with this 'Robert catching her with a text from Rupert' CRAP. Then Robert had his party without her... 3) The majority of these damn MEAN PR assaults have BEEN FAKE - but, those cheating photos were REAL EVEN IF they were manipulated)!!! I'm RIGHT - look me up, - I'm RIGHT, dammit!! If you're an OVERLY-LOVE Robsten, Kristen Stewart OR Robert Pattinson Fan... Sign the petitions so that we can make these damn paparazzi BACK OFF
  • PROOF!!! THANK YOU, KATY PERRY!! Here's a splash from a recent interview she did for Vogue UK: "...My days of celebrity saving are over. Before she made that vow, she did find time to help one celebrity in time of need: Robert Pattinson. Following the breakup between Pattinson and his longtime girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, Perry was spotted with the "Twilight" actor, setting tabloids ablaze that the two were an item. Yet, it was Perry who put out the fire, setting the record straight with Stewart. "I sent her a text message saying, 'I know you've seen all this stuff but you know I would never disrespect you. I'm not that person,' " Perry said. "I'm just trying to be a friend to him, but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of tits." GOSH, WHY do you supposed Katy would DO something like that? MAYBE because: 1) Rob & Kris's HOT Hollywood romance WAS REAL. 2) Now it's OVER even if it MIGHT be 'temporary'. *I* think those 'over for now & taking a break' blurbs WERE from either Kris
  • SEARCH: ‘exposing Hollywood's misogynistic smear campaign against twilight fans on misfit chick's blogspot' - just like that, I'm easy to find - and SIGN the PETITIONS to set Kristen, Robert and ALL Celebrities FREE from these chaotic PR assaults.
  • WHY are we so mean and WHY do we let Hollywood assault ALL Celebrities like they do? The gossip rags & paps have been stalking and harassing Kris & Rob excessively for a whole year and since the beginning of Twilight's success - that's YEARS with an 's' on the end!!