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  • Jenna looked incredible at the Women In Film! Gorgeous!
  • Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge proves she can look incredible when she wants to. Audrina looked fabulous on her PR jog. Was it to pre-promote her upcoming Las Vegas appearances? Promote the PUMA work out gear? Or to try and recover from destroying her trademark gorgeous, long, full hair? Those wisps in the front are all that left. Why in the world did she butcher her gorgeous hair?
  • What in the world happened to Audrina's hair? The whole side of her head looks like it has been butchered! One of Audrina's best qualities has always been her hair. But it looks like someone took hedgetrimmers to her hair! Hope the new lingerie line includes of decent push up bra like a Victoria's Secret "Glamorous". Ever since Audrina's drastic reduction procedure she was left flattened, sagging, with no cleavage in need of some lift and support. Would be nice if she designed some for herself!
  • Liked "The Hills" version of Audrina much much better. It's sad. She was unique and one of the world's bikini queens. Now pretty ordinary. Audrina the bikini queen is dead! Long live the queen!