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  • Oh lordy lordy. Have you seen the AP footage of Tim Gunn talking about how she's nuts? That man is amazing: http://squareeyes.blinkx.com/2009/03/tim-gunn-lets-the-cat-out-of-the-bag-kenleys-nuts/
  • I love you so much for posting photos like these, Scandalist. I feel like the above shot expresses so much. Has everyone seen them on Twitter? Basically Heidi loves on God and Spencer addresses haters: http://squareeyes.blinkx.com/2009/03/heidi-and-spencer-eat-and-tweet-whatevs/
  • These photos are mezmerizing! I really can't stop staring at them... is this what aging gracefully looks like? More ridiculous pics: http://squareeyes.blinkx.com/2009/03/lisa-rinna-pouts-her-way-onto-melrose-place-20/
  • Yuck. I was never a fan of Jason's, and I especially wasn't after I saw him explaining his decisions on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He seemed so flippant and defensive to em. There's a video here if you want to see: http://squareeyes.blinkx.com/?p=399
  • LOVE Tracy Morgan! Even his apartment burning is funny to me. But seriously, what is this crazy fireproof fish and this waterproof fire?? And other questions: http://squareeyes.blinkx.com/?p=351