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  • Adam Lambert is exceptionally talented, gorgeous and so generous and complimentary to other entertainers. Not an envious or mean spirited bone in his fantastic body. He has my vote and admiration. He's also areally nice, down to earth guy.
  • Didn't see where to vote, but Adam Lambert, without a doubt is the most exciting, sensouus, talented, best looking Adam or any man that I've ever seen. Can't wait for his new CD and tour! He'so electric and a consumate people magnet. Seeing him live is an experience that just can't be equaled on video! His connection to his audience is utterly amazing. He has brought back glamour and showmanship that has been sorely lacking. Adam Lambert is this generations Elvis. He is indeed a super talent and most importantly, a beuatiful human being, inside and out.
  • Hauntingly beautiful, but echo a little too heavy. Love what he can do with a ballad.Would love to hear him do a simple version of Halleluja, with just a piano or subtle background music allowing his voice to not be overpowered by electronics. His voice is pure perfection. Loved his final 3 version of Mad World, slower tempo than unplugged bongo drum version. After hearing him sing, all others pale in comparison. He's a tough act to follow. The world stopps spinning when he opens his mouth to sing.