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  • its the drugs lol
  • a natural beauty??? omg wtf, i think you need you eyes examined, wait i'm sorry. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you must be on drugs lmao!!
  • that's just gross:( have some shame gaga
  • holy sh*t now the sasquatches are hitting the beaches now, run for the hills folks, it looks pretty scarey:0!!
  • [quote=Sara]She looks damn good for having 8 kids. Why is it that almost every female must always rag on someone for something? Obviously there's no self-esteem there. Pathetic.[/quote] its only a matter of opinion, and i agrees with them totally:D she should get her nasty ass dressed more, so gross.....
  • [quote=REY]SHE IS FINE LIKE TO PLAY WITH HERE ONE ON ONE NICE LIPS AND TITS[/quote] haha good luck im sure she will have a price for that too, lmao!!!
  • wtf , nasty nasty nasty, uck.... get her a moo moo to cover that sh*t up, and why is it her arms are slim but, the rest of her is so um...swelled looking? freak!!!
  • [quote=Susan Johnson]At first I was thinking "What the Heck!"... but then I realized... surely it must be Red underwear! Surely![/quote] uck...that is truely nasty
  • [quote=JACK]LADY GAGA IS A GUY YOU PEOPLE!!![/quote] she was half and half she got her man part removed, hemaphradite not a dude,lol