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  • Cant really say that I am suprised with the way some people are attempting to run Whitney's name through the mud. People never really seem to amaze with their lack of class or sympathy for another human being whose family is left here and are grieving and may stumble upon some of these uneducated comments that are posted without taste or class. Dont worry though because God has he way of handling all of it. That autopsy is complete garbage..... as soon as I found the first discrepency I discredited the entire thing. Whitney never had plastic surgery on her stomach as the report suggests she a baby via C-SECTION that they didnt even mention. Whitney you are missed and loved. Haters do your thing and continue to wonder why your life isnt going anywhere. Words cannot discredit what Whitney Houston has accomplished in her short time here on earth and that is something that no one can take from her no matter how hard they try!!!!!