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  • If she's still only 17 years old, then her images should be viewed as child pronography and those posting them -- including herself should be arrested and charged, period.
  • True, he is an adult and as such, he can find his own path, but it is hard and frustrating. Think about it: he spent the majority of his life just having fun and not thinking about building his own career. He never had to think about what type of career he'd work toward. He was never taught even worry about his future. Kris neglected to guide him in this regard, but she made sure to guide her daughters. Most kids growing up in his position would love that carefree, lazy, fun-filled, no-worry life. But eventually, when you become a young adult reality sets in and you want to have your own. But so many important years have passed Rob without the needed guidance and training for him to do for himself. Now, he's struggling to begin finding his path to success at such a late start in life. Though it can be done, I'm sure its frustrating -- especially when he still sees how much time and effort his mother continues to invest in his sisters careers but not in helping him. He sees them all over the media and his mother promoting them. But then he just keeps hearing them accuse him of just being lazy and telling him to just go out and get his own career -- which non of them ever had to do for themselves. So, I completely understand his frustration.
  • A lot of people are saying that Rob is just a lazy person who's jealous of his sisters and he should just go and make his own path for himself. But here's what I don't think a lot of people understand: Their mother, Kris has always put more time and effort into developing Kim into a star -- ever since they were little. Eventually, Kris also worked to make the other two daughters famous money makers. She prepared the daughters to make it and instilled within them from very young ages the drive to make it. But she didnt instill that drive for success within him from very young. She just let him coast along and benefit from the success that the Kardashian name brought. She thus hobbled Rob by not instilling within him from early on, the same drive for success that she instilled in her daughters and by not teaching Rob from early on in life that hard work is needed to succeed. Now that he is a young adult in a famous family, he's lost. He feels pressure to be successful (like his siblings) but he doesn't know where to begin. And with his money/fame hungry mother dedicating all of her time to furthering the careers of her already famous daughters -- especially Kims -- Rob, justifiably feels left out, neglected and without hope of ever coming into his own. For a young man in a successful family, that can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, Kris is so absorbed in her daughters success and infact, living her life through them, she doesn't even realize how she's hobbled her son, nor is she ready to accept responsibility for doing so and work to trying to help him develope that same drive for hard work and success.