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  • I agree totally about Marisa and her husband bashing. Her husband seems totally like a nice person and a gentleman. She should show him more respect, he comes from a very respected Hollywood family. I don't like Brandi at all and I am disappointed in Lisa and Ken in siding with her. All she is a wannabe, no talent whatsoever.
  • A comment on LuAnn's interview on the Shakespeare said..."the lady doth protest too much".
  • Yes, A few weeks ago Aviva made a big fuss about Ramon and Sona not attending and supporting her amputee charity and this wee she does even worse by sending her rude and lewd father to Ramona's charity. If she wanted to be the bigger person, she would have gone there with the check herself. I liked her in the beginning, but now question all her actions. She seems to think that her phobias and her disability will keep her above the frey and entitles her to say and do whatever she pleases. Aviva, darling that way of thinking just aint so!