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  • [quote=GaGa-Monster]People Watch Bad Romance! Don't let this manufactured kid win![/quote] HEY WTF WE ALL KNOW THEY R GREAT SINGERS . SO IDK Y . BUT U DONT LIK JUSTIN BIEBER THEN Y DO U SEE HES VIDEOS ?? so dont come here nd start sayin sh*t about him . i lik lady gaga nd justin bieber but i lik jb wayy better .. so yea watz ur prob ?
  • I LUV THIS VIDEO .. but i dont lik da part when da chick in da pink shirt dances she looks retarded .. but i luv da rest of da video hehe . luv ya JB :D
  • [quote=AnnMarie]I think justin is an amzing guy.... he has a wonderful personality ... nd also very hot .... people have there own opinions .. but hey if you hate justin bieber then why are you looking at his photos and on his fanpage ?? ... all i'm saying is i thinkk justin bieber is an amazing guy (: xOx[/quote] UR soo right ... theres bunch of haters !! he is an amazing guy ..
  • I LUV THIS GUY ... justin plz plz i beg u ... plz plz come 2 tx el paso .. u have lots of fans here everyone luvs u !! plz :D thts my wish nd i want tht wish 2 come real ... plz plz .. luv gloria ...................luv ya :D
  • [quote=CC] I agree with you![/quote] NAAH hes not .... ur annoying .
  • HMM well i think this is ganna be reallly kool so well hope its amazing hehe .. love .. gloria :D
  • [quote=swedish Julia loves justin]zoom you will see that he has stubble it is so cute! i love justin so much![/quote] HAHAHA YEA I SAW IT
  • hahahaha well he is an amazing guy . i luv hes hair haha . well he is soo adorable :D luv ya JB love .. gloria ur #1 FAN 4 EVA !