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  • Oh wow, David Bowie looks hot...
  • [quote=Kate]'Kirk Cobain'. Wow, your attempt at being sacrastic really fell flat with that fail.[/quote] I'm praying that they were joking or something. Please say they were joking...
  • He's haaaaaaawwwwwwwwtttttttt
  • AAAAHHHHHHHH I wasn't expecting such a strong reaction but GODDAMN he is hot! It's kind of funny hearing them struggle with American accents though...
  • [quote=chris]She kind of looks like a little fangirl bothering RPattz in this. I think it's because he looks so superstar in his shades. LOL> It does not look like a movie still.[/quote] Nah, that's the annoying girl from Nurse Jackie (I realize that I'm the only one who watches that show, but I like it godammit). In other words, the little girl is an actress.
  • He is without a doubt the most beautiful man currently alive.
  • I like Leighton Meester a lot, but I just don't like these songs that she makes. Ke$ha is awesome. Her songs are the catchiest sh*t that I've heard in a long time. Plus, "I like your beard". Best line ever.
  • She's nothing like Lady Gaga. Ke$ha is a cool girl that I'd want to hang out with. Gaga is too weird. And Ke$ha is actually somewhat attractive (I think she's really super hot and totally want to be her but that's just me). Lots of her songs are better than TiK ToK. People should check them out, or reserve judgement until they become singles.
  • She's also taking the look in a HOT direction. None of these other girls hold a candle to her.