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  • She's on Display, on Display, On Display, and she wouldn't have it any other way, other way, other way. and she's feeling all these feelings. the lyrics make tardy to the party look like a McCartney-Lennon masterpiece by comparison.
  • That was freaking awful. Seriously. Why can't someone who loves her tell her to stop? She is humiliating herself.
  • How can we get Danielle to release the authenticated e-mails, tweets and phone calls from she and Melissa last season? There has got to be a way. Let's prove once and for all, that "Miss Who Me?" was slithering behind your back last year trying to help Danielle make your life a living hell. Do the right thing, Danielle! Release the evidence! I just pray that your brother wasn't part of it. That would hurt so bad for you. By the way, if Ding-Dong sells 50,000 i-tune songs, you can bet your ass that Joey bought 49,999 of them. He will inflate whatever sales she has. You know it.
  • Please, please encourage Danielle to show us the e-mails and tweets, authenticated by a computer expert to make sure they are real. I just know that they are. This is your chance at vindication. I always had a feeling that Melissa was feeding Danielle information to get under your skin and make you break down. Better yet, realse them on the thirteenth when her "hit single" lol is released on itunes. by the way, if it shows that 50,000 tunes were downloaded you can bet your behind that Joey bought 49, 999 of them. He will probably be running to and from every Starbucks and other free wifi places to frantically purchase the song. "I'm on display, on display, on display, I wouldn't have it any other way, other way, other way." Just barfed in my mouth a little bit. I wonder how heavily autotuned it will be. From start to finish no doubt. I want to see the e-mails and tweets! C'mon Danielle, bring it. Maybe she doesn't want to see an injustice done to you. Maybe she knows what it feels like to be in your shoes.
  • Two-faced Kathy and her husband who looks like Jeff Goldbloom after being run over by a car, called you and Joe f****ING ASSHOLES at the end of the last episode. Just goes to show you how sincere they are. Stay away from them, they are very bad news. I am surprised Caroline cannot see through Melissa and Kathy. It baffles me. On another topic, I have a question for you. I was taught to cook Italian by my Italian mother-in-law, and I was always told to look for olive oil that is "First cold pressed" I only saw you mention extra virgin olive oil in Fabuliscious. An
  • Teresa, I really, really feel for you this season. I feel like Bravo stabbed you in the back by bringing on Melissa and Kathy just to antagonize you. And you put on a brave face and put up with all the abuse because you are trying to crawl your way out of debt and you need the money. Otherwise, I feel that you and Joe would not have put yourselves and your parents through this hell. The worst part is that Caroline has turned on you. She has some kind of superiority complex. If I were your friend I would back you up 100% because you are that kind of friend, and you deserve the same kind of friend that you are to others. All I see is a lovely woman trying to earn money and take care of her children and be beside the man she loves through thick and thin. And deep down, I think your brother is a nice guy but he is impressionable and easily influenced by the witch. Don't even get me started on Kathy. She is so dull of a character, I don't even know why she is on the show. Just to be a thorn in your side I guess. Her eyes bulge right out of her head. Don't even get me started on that wanna-be goon doughboy she calls a husband. And all of a sudden she and Caroline go way back? Sure didn't look like it when she went to Caroline's house with her gift basket to apologize, which by the way, she should have apologized to you. Twice she questioned your parenting skills and I challenge any mother to take that crap from a troublemaker cousin sitting down. There is nothing set in stone that says you have to be friends with her just because she is your cousin. Nobody should surround themselves with people that talk smack about them and wish them the worst. She and Melissa revel in your misfortunes. I am most disappointed in Caroline, however. I thought she had your back. I guess that depends on the season. She thinks that Kathy extended you an olive branch? What? She badgered you three times and three times you answered her politely. She was trying to start drama and it wasn't the time or the place. Then she shows her true colors by calling you an f*** b**** and going in the bathroom to swear with her goony husband. God, they are wierd. Just short of a mental institution wierd. Stay away! Your instincts are right on the money. And while Caroline considers herself a wise old owl, she is not. How hard would it have been for her to take a shower and wash up for Christmas eve, instead of looking and smelling like a garbage can. She had forty-eight sisters who could have relieved her for fifteen min. I love her children to death, but the matching bracelets were a little creepy. Caroline has a very inflated opinion of herself. And she does not know what kind of a friend she had in you. You would never have wavered in your support for her. Oh well, enjoy your family and your kids and I hope you gain strength by your many fans. Melissa's sisters are vile. Now I see where she gets it. Melissa was jealous of your show and wanted in. Now she wants to be a singer. That worked out so well for Danielle. Why can't she be happy being the pampered wife of a guy who adores her and gives her the moon? What is her real story? I wonder. I don't think her elevator goes all the way to the top floor.