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  • i'm feel sorry for her... shallow people are dictating how she lives her life..
  • [quote=monkey]EUGH. Emma watson is so annoying. She thinks she is a good actress, but she is so BAD. She always overacts, using her eyebrows too much. and daniel radcliffe's mouth is so ugly. it looksl ike a rasin faced old man.[/quote] envious of the fame that only emma and daniel enjoy... poor kiddo go get some time for reflection... you are a self absorbed insect
  • [quote=share]Rupert is so HOTT!!i[/quote] i agree with you
  • love him until the time is through
  • it's required for his character my dear... get some sense in your head and stop talking trash it reflects you personality
  • [quote=hensfield]I'd like to punch her in the face[/quote] envious good for nthing whore,, you should punch your own face
  • [quote=Addison]is it just me or did Daniel grew ugly? tsk, you can't be rob sweetie, don't over do your jaw line.[/quote] how dare you to say those things to this mega successful actor.. stop comparing him to robert pattison who doesn't know how to act.. your such a judgmental dumb bitch
  • happy babay ... strict daddy
  • i always like this girl.. i like her and hate vanessa