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  • Sorry for the typos. Have you seen this teensy, tiny box we type in? I for Yolanda. And it isn't fair to the viewers to bring up topics we haven't seen.
  • Good recap Alex. Ever thought of doing the news? I think you'd be very good. As for Adrienne or the Hoof as I warmly call her. The Hoof is a pathological liar. I actually think she might have a personality disorder. Her hatred of Lisa Vanderpump is bordering on pathology. My theory about the Hoof's anger & venom is that it's self-hatred. Have you seen her high school photo floating around the Internet? You'd never know it is her. She's actually Lebanese & like Michael Jackson, she's managed to erase any & all traces of her heritage. She went from dark ,curly hair, a very large nose & huge dark eyes to what we see now: the emergence of the cat woman. If she weren't so mental, I'd feel sorry for her. As Yolanda, it isn't fair hot the viewers to bring jup topics we haven't seen. Glass of water. Huh? Yo waiting in the car. What? We weren't privy to ANY of this. We did hear Yolanda, however, tell Kyle that she left Kim 3 phone calls about the cleanse. She said it more than once--nothing to do with production. What was Kyle's response? "Kim is known for not shoeing up." I thought Yolanda went out of her way for Kim, only to be snubbed back in L.A. after helping her in Paris when she obviously relapsed. If Kim is back for Season 4 & there's a tragedy, it will be Kyle & Bravo's fault. Kim is a mess. Kyle is a snake. Brandi is herself, fun, loving, loyal & an excellent friend. But don't cross her. Oh, and btw: Bernie IS the Hoof. He has no motive to say anything. The Hoof does. Glad I found you on here. Between Bethanny & Jill, my ears were bleeding. What's with those nasally voices of theirs. I'd rather hear nails scraping on blackboards. Also, you & Simon were the most intelligent people on your show. Can't remember why you left. Jill & Bethanny's voices made me stop watching. I couldn't take it anymore. That and the model flying around the cuckoo's nest. Forgot her name. Until next time. Ciao
  • 1. Alex, good to see you again 2. Brand's bombshell: I interpreted as Brandi really meaning, "Kyle, you haven't supported Kim." And she was right. Brandi was nervous and as you well know, nerves a lot of times makes us say the wrong things. She realized this later & wrote about it. 3. Was it wise & is it wise for Kim to recover on a Reaity Show? Really? 4. Shouldn't Kim recover at home w/support groups & a sponsor--away from all the drama that's required on the show? Good seeing you. Wish you were back.