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  • Jenna????? Who?? Jenna who? Is that how ur nails looked?? F all u haters out there!!!! I'm SURE we are all just sitting at our computers or what not,looking classier than ever!!!!!! Jealousy EVERYWHERE!!! OMG! She's with her child,having fun,she's rich and yes,she IS gorgeous....she had a BABY! It takes awhile to lose all the weight u gain!! Coco.....Ice knows ur hot and so do the majority of the ppl....hell I have to change the damn channel when ur on with Ice!!! My husband goes nuts over you! And ur man is a hottie too!(Don't get mad at me Coco!!!!!) You both have good taste! Congrats on the baby!!!
  • Maybe but could it be Britney Spears???? Hell I give up!!! Maybe it is J-Lo,or Mariah.....I think she's white though actually...with a tan.OR a light skinned black girl???? I hate to say black! IDK seriously....when do we find out?????? Megan Fox maybe???? F it...going to bed!!!
  • OUCH!!!!! I'm way too skinny and I know it....didn't used to be though...had a nice figure but I let myself go to shit!! My fault.... I wish I could put on about 20-25 pounds!!!! Somebody HELP ME!!!!!!!
  • Hey I totally agree with u........I have no ass,no boobs,I'm skinny as a rail and ppl kept telling me,"you look great,lose a little more you look fantastic!!!!" BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look like I have anorexia or some shit!!!! Now, I'm taking vitamins,eating fattening foods,doing all I can just so I can maybe,hopefully have some of that(ladies don't get offended PLEASE!!!) black girl badonk-a-donk!!! Man you girls DO NOT know how lucky u really are!!! And yes,ALL men like some junk in the trunk,big titties ALL THAT! Like I said,NO OFFENSE intended and if I did,I apologize.
  • Maybe Ice will see this,find out who this moron is and then..........who knows????lol....let's hope and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! She IS WHITE!!!!!!!!!!
  • James he's just pissed cuz he couldn't get that if he tried!!!!! Ignore his dumbass!!! She's hot so what? Why does it matter to u 'jimbo'..........uh oh........ I think I hear banjo music!!!! lol No wonder he doesn't think she's hot.....not his 'type'..........lmao
  • tim???HEY!!!! tiny tim??? You are an asshole! Probably wish YOU could get something done with your 'SELF' other than 'airbrushed'? And even if airbrushing WAS involved,she damn sure would NOT be the 1st celebrity female or male to have it done...besides the magazines do that shit anyway! Idiot!
  • OMG Adele!!!! You are GORGEOUS!!! Sound that good,look that good....damn're just THAT DAMN GOOD!!!!!! Love ya! One of your biggest fans!!!
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO that was GOOD!!!!!!! Also, I would like to say I WISH I had that body!!! GEEZ!!! At 45 I ain't lookin' so great myself......Damn sure ain't gonna puttin' down NO WOMAN that looks like that!!....unless she's like 20-25 and has never had a child...maybe then.NO!
  • AMEN to that!!!!! Me to hun!