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  • I think Robert is hot and sexy, he is a great actor as well I hope the Best for him. And I hope the Best for Kristen and Robert, I am so glad you are together at lest I hope you are I am a fan of both and I will support them both in what ever they do good luck and best wihses. your fan and friend Gloria!!!...
  • That is right Kristen is heading to Japan for Breaking Down 2 thats why she not with Robert. You people need to leave these two alone, they are back together thats it . so shut up mind your own business to. I a fan of both Robert and Kristen. Good luck and be happy together and don't listen what people say like your family and your friends or any one else, just stay true to each other and be faithful keep up the good work. Robert is still in love with Kristen and Kristen is in love with Robert. Love these two couple I wish all the luck and happiness.