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  • Who is this chick and what's her deal? It seems like the only thing she's "famous" for is that she's always whining or bitching about something, I mean someone should tell her about Midol or something, damn, what a whiny bitch!
  • I have never been a fan of their show or any so called "reality" television, it's for complete idiot's and how these people ever got a show was one of the biggest mysteries of the Universe. But I must admit, Kim can sit on my face anytime she would like, damn she is looking fine these days!
  • Oh, that look you can't quite put your finger on, it's called beauty bitch! You ugly ass haters just prove what scummy losers you all ar every time you open your mouths. Most celebrities and fasion models don't wear bras when they wear an evening gown like that. In the fashion world your white trash if you do, and any idiot can tell it's made to be sexy and worn without a bra!
  • I'd like to lick it, and all around it for a few hours while I tried to interpret it!
  • I love Katy Perry. She is really beautiful inside and out and she is a down to earth girl that just gets it. Russel Brand is a lucky dude!