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  • Even though West is prone to rants and rambles he does bring a interesting topic of "classism." I don't doubt for a moment he has experienced some sort of ostracizing from the high-fashion society. I am not surprised that many people in that industry simply will never respect him because of his fame as a rapper
  • Color me impressed. I really enjoyed her use of layering and negative space. I do fancy the idea of nail art, but I rarely like the execution. No matter how cute and creative it runs the risk of looking sophomoric or gaudy, at least to me. Her designs are clever, young, exciting, and metropolitan-chic! I also appreciate her subtle use of glitter. Glitter is a girly-girl guilty pleasure of mine, but I have no clue as how to pull it off! But, thanks to her throughly, modern, and inspiring designs I will break out the sparkle!
  • I especially like how she clarified that everyone who "can" adopt/rescue should. To me that means she understands her fortunate financial position that which enables her to be an animal philanthropist of sorts. I have to admit that this one remark made me like her a little. Made me see that she isn't completely disconnected from the general population's money, and time considerations that we average folk must consider when rescuing a pet. She does show some good judgment, and restraint with how many animals she has as to not spread her attention too thin. I have to think that if I had the time, and financial freedom that she does I would probaley end up with a farm of the most misfit, wretched, unadoptble mutts out there! I better hurry and get that farm soon too, I've already started on my misfit-menagerie! :p