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  • It was so refreshing to see them laughing like that even infront of paps. I really think that they deserve to be this happy afterall. I really love Robsten... :)
  • i can't wait for everything in breaking dawn especially the bed scene, the birth scene, the transformation of bella and of course renesmee...
  • well kristen, you cannot please everybody. just be who you are and stay true to yourself. don't mind about others who doesn't like you because i think people who like you is 10 million times more than those who doesn't. i still love you whatever others say negative about you. you rock!
  • what's this? are you trying to copy robert pattinson?
  • The way they stare and look at each other... i can't explain it but there is really something... :)
  • [quote=!]why mention twilight if the question wasnt even about it !!it actuallly shows that harry potter people r just jealous of how famous twilight is now and that alot of people actualllly forgot about harry potter and now more into twilight and twilight guys !!!she might be true twilight is sometimes like that but cmon dont be such a jealous idiot !!i still think twilight is sooo much more interesting than harry potter[/quote] you've got it right... i don't think that she was asked about the difference between her kissing scene with ron and edward/bella kissing scene. and sex or should i say lovemaking happens when they are already married which i think is just right because it's simple they are already married. so i don't think it sells sex.
  • i just love in parent trap. i really don't know what happened to her.
  • she really looked tired, irritated and annoyed. who wouldn't be? if i were her, i will have the same reaction.
  • definitely rob... but i prefer him without beard...