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  • liar liar she got pulled over for having tinted windows paparazzi come with life in the public eye unless your smart and don't live in LA 24/7 which was first proven to be the case in the late 1950's when Newman & Woodward lived in Woodbury Connecticut until they bought their farmhouse in Westport in 1961 while she was pregnant with their middle daughter Melissa. oh wait they are something the K Trash clan will never be legitimate A list stars. that's right both were oscar winners among many other film and philanthropic awards including induction into the Connecticut state Hall Of Fame
  • why is it such a shock they're having twins Zoe is over 35 and twins are more common in older mothers. besides they won't be raising the kids a nanny will as is standard in the entertainment business though not all celebrity parents have nannies Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's 3 daughters have never had a nanny because they usually followed their parents on tour and filming TV specials movies
  • not at 9 months pregnant Scarlett won't be a beautiful bride but a swollen and uncomfortable one
  • who cares she's young rich and stupid and besides it's an Italian film festival what's the big deal. it's always been the lower rungs of Hollywood that show off like that it's different if your yatching off the Amalfi coast of Italy or the coast of France at Cannes when Joanne Woodward was a young actress she never had to stoop as low for attention because she had talent and self respect two things many modern starlets like Ms Gomez don't have plus an Academy Award for her first major lead role and three future nominations among the hundreds of awards she's won both for acting and for civic involvement including induction into the Connecticut state hall of fame in 2010 after living in the state at least partially for more than 5 decades she and late husband Paul Newman lived in Woodbury from 1957-1961 and in Westport from 1961 until his death in 2008 and she and 2 of their biological daughters and his two from his first marriage still do while their oldest lives in Santa Cruz Ca
  • this kids stupidity gets written about because the press is completely different than it was 30 years ago when Claire Newman used to do the same stupid shit. yet her escapades weren't written about because her parents could and did threaten the press with lawsuits if it was written about
  • this woman is certifiably crazy who would want to look like a half baked prostitute with no education or ethics. I'd get If someone wanted to look like Grace Kelly or Patricia Neal both of whom were great actresses and did wonderful work for the less fortunate
  • Kim realized the error in her ways and apologized for this. she doesn't even pay attention to her toddler daughter. some women have to work while pregnant even actresses Shirley Jones for example was pregnant during most of the production of The Music Man and had to wear a corset to hide it but that was also a part of the costume anyway and it didn't hurt her unborn son Patrick he arrived healthy on January 4th 1962
  • she does realize that most first born children usually come late doesn't she. stop feeding this woman's ego she's not a legitimate celebrity. had the press said that shit to Joanne Woodward at the Hustler Premiere September 25th 1961 her husband Paul Newman would've thrown a punch in defense of his overdue pregnant wife their middle daughter Melissa arrived roughly 48 hrs later
  • it's a surprise to see some of those names being so popular as they haven't been in 40 or 50 years. the last time major Hollywood stars named one of their daughters Eleanor was 1959 it was Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward her middle name is Theresa those names were chosen to honor her maternal and paternal grandmothers
  • um being vegan or Vegaterian in Hollywood is nothing New Jess is just the latest big name to do so Paul McCartney for example has been a Vegan for 42 years