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  • this spoiled little brat needs to realize that paparazzi come with the career he chose or if he wants a semi normal life when he's not on the road don't stay in LA 24/7. you don't need to to have a fruitful career it's not like you have to have the studio/record companies permission to live more than 50 miles outside of Los Angeles like you did in the 50's and 60's like Newman & Woodward did to largely raise their kids in West port Connecticut where she still lives
  • congrats to them as long as Hayden and the baby are healthy gender doesn't matter and it's a 50/50 shot each time for example Wade Woodward Jr & Eleanor Trimmier Woodward had a boy Wade III and a girl Joanne while Joanne's natural born children are all girls Eleanor Melissa & Claire though she did have one stepson Scott and has two stepdaughters Susan & Stephanie correct she was her late husband Paul Newman's 2nd wife and Nell was actually her second pregnancy she had, had a miscarriage during their honeymoon in London in February 1958 Nell arrived on April 8th 1959 Melissa on September 27th 1961 and Claire on April 21st 1965. 25 isn't young to have a baby she's well established as a TV star my mom had her two kids by the time she was Hayden's age
  • what a celebrity names their children is none of the public's business the parent chose to be famous the child didn't. what a child is named has nothing to do with the time of year they are born it's a coincidence that she was born in the summer for example Robert Redford was born in the summer and his name has nothing to do with the season it's after his father
  • she's birdbrained at best spacing out kids is one thing but saying no sex for two years is crazy. accidents do happen for example Tim McGraw and Faith Hill weren't planning to have their older two daughters as close together as they did but because Faith was breastfeeding their oldest daughter Gracie she wasn't able to take birth control so she conceived in November 1997 six months after Gracie's birth Maggie arrived in August 1998 then she conceived in April 2001 and due to complications delivered their youngest daughter Audrey at 32.8 weeks on December 6th 2001 and do to that they decided to stop having children
  • last I checked Bilson isn't a huge star so big deal she's having a child millions of women do that each year. besides she looks so big because she's petite if she were taller the weight would be distributed differently
  • naming a child after someone you admire or a family member is pretty straight forward. for example Tim McGraw & Faith Hill didn't have to look far to name their youngest daughter Faith's first name is Audrey and they didn't know the gender previous to the premature birth but it was logical to think it was a girl again because as Faith admitted later her symptoms were identical to her previous pregnancies
  • yeah right she hated being pregnant the first time conveniently claiming complications necessitated a premature delivery and a low birth weight baby. her and Kanye hardly pay attention to North so having another child is wrong
  • it's usually a family member or a close friend that's chosen as a godparent for example Jake Gyllenhaal's godfather was Paul Newman while his god mother was Jamie Lee Curtis. stop paying attention to these people they aren't legitimate celebrities
  • oh this woman should shut her mouth and actually be a mother to her daughter. retaining that much weight nearly 14 months after a child is born isn't good especially if your overweight before pregnancy as she was at 5 ft 2 in 134.5 lbs. having double D breasts when your less that 5 ft 6 in is a recipe for disaster unless god intended you to. bad implants can reek all kinds of havoc on your health
  • the photos are beautiful even if they are retouched probably at Christina's request if she has pregnancy induced acne or rosacea. some people in the press covering this are acting like it's still scandalous to pose nude and heavily pregnant it's not the first star that ever did so was Melissa Gilbert in 1989 and some have done so while expecting twins