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  • um she's only complaining because she's so short. when Faith Hill attended the 32nd Academy Of Country Music Awards she was eight months pregnant with her oldest daughter Gracie and didn't complain about it though after her and husband Tim performed she joked about having a contraction while she was singing. Gracie did end up coming 3.5 weeks early weighing less than 5 lbs at birth but healthy. Snooki should be grateful she hasn't had difficulties with pregnancy like Faith did with her youngest daughter Audrey who arrived more than seven weeks early December 6th 2001 weighing less than 4 pounds landing her in the N.I.C.U. for nearly 3 weeks released on Christmas Eve that experience made them not have more kids because they didn't want to go through that again
  • take into account that Kourtney is only 5 ft tall and it's her 3rd child so there's scar tissue from her two previous deliveries and also how the baby was laying in utero when the photos were taken has an affect on how big the bump looks
  • she wouldn't be the first celebrity or wannabe celebrity to have more than 1 daughter only for comparative purposes Joanne Woodward for example has 2 step daughters Susan & Stephanie and 3 biological ones Eleanor Melissa & Claire and Kourtney is the same age Joanne was when Claire was born nearly 50 years ago
  • when it comes to Mariah being photographed from the right that was her record label at the beginning of her career it's due to a mole under her right bottom lip. Ariana may want to be like Mariah but it's never going to happen one can sing almost anything and has the record sales to prove it 3rd best selling female artist in US history behind Barbra Streisand and Madonna
  • Vanessa is in for a rude awakening Broadway is harder than television/film for example the last play Joanne Woodward directed a production of when her late husband was dying of cancer was Golden Boy which featured Marissa Tomei her first appearance on stage as an actress after Paul passed away was A Holiday Garland in November/December 2008 drawn back to the stage by a message he'd given her in a dream
  • staying active during pregnancy aids in having a faster labor most of the time and last I checked Mila isn't a huge star. as long as her and the baby are healthy gender shouldn't matter and we don't need pictures of her every other day. some big stars know how to avoid press while they are pregnant for example back when Joanne Woodward had her daughters in the late 1950's to mid 1960's photographers didn't hound pregnant stars for pictures of them doing routine things but the studio set up designated photo shoots for magazines same with selling photos of the baby to a magazine when the parents were ready to do so and that wasn't always soon after birth
  • liar liar she hardly even cares for her daughter the nannies do most of the work and she hated being pregnant the first time. gender is a 50/50 shot each time and determined by the fathers sperm not the mother egg all babies start out as girls and remain so unless the sperm deposits a Y chromosome xx is female XY is male. for example Eleanor Trimmier Woodward Carter had a son Wade Woodward III October 24th 1924 and a Daughter Joanne February 27th 1930 while Joanne had all girls Eleanor 4/8/1959 Melissa 9/27/1961 & Claire April 21st 1965 and Melissa had two boys Peter born May 18th 1996 and Henry born July 25th 1998 similar to her paternal Grandmother Theresa Newman who had Arthur Jr January 22nd 1924 and her dad Paul January 26th 1925
  • this spoiled little brat needs to realize that paparazzi come with the career he chose or if he wants a semi normal life when he's not on the road don't stay in LA 24/7. you don't need to to have a fruitful career it's not like you have to have the studio/record companies permission to live more than 50 miles outside of Los Angeles like you did in the 50's and 60's like Newman & Woodward did to largely raise their kids in West port Connecticut where she still lives
  • congrats to them as long as Hayden and the baby are healthy gender doesn't matter and it's a 50/50 shot each time for example Wade Woodward Jr & Eleanor Trimmier Woodward had a boy Wade III and a girl Joanne while Joanne's natural born children are all girls Eleanor Melissa & Claire though she did have one stepson Scott and has two stepdaughters Susan & Stephanie correct she was her late husband Paul Newman's 2nd wife and Nell was actually her second pregnancy she had, had a miscarriage during their honeymoon in London in February 1958 Nell arrived on April 8th 1959 Melissa on September 27th 1961 and Claire on April 21st 1965. 25 isn't young to have a baby she's well established as a TV star my mom had her two kids by the time she was Hayden's age
  • what a celebrity names their children is none of the public's business the parent chose to be famous the child didn't. what a child is named has nothing to do with the time of year they are born it's a coincidence that she was born in the summer for example Robert Redford was born in the summer and his name has nothing to do with the season it's after his father