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  • I dont like my boobs pushed up like that personally... I enjoy the way they look naturally (and comfort-wise)... no push up bras for me please. But whatever she can do what she wants.. she has her own unique style.
  • Goldie will always be pretty and sweet and cool. Nuff Said.
  • She's is is TOP shape... go girl
  • she looks good... yeah a tad skinny but... not really anorexic. (she may have to watch it though) anorexia is a sad thing and hard to get out of once you are in.
  • Um where are the guys in here... and why do they get away w/ a little bit of fat here and there... I noticed Jessica Alba's husband had a fat little belly growing right out of his fat / untoned little body. You guys are wrong and totally LOPSIDED to pick on women for a little bit of fat or stretch from giving birth???@!@!@ And not picking on the the men who I see alot of them who have worse issues and no one says a thing. What is wrong HERE? How would you like it if we start picking on how dam short you are or how undertoned you are... man you got no pecks... where are your abs.. come one you are totally ugly then (ewwwww) right?. Do you get how far "OUT" you guys are with this stuff. You are totally buying into a bunch of cr*p if you believe what you are saying.
  • She looks great for her age. Period.
  • [quote=twiistedbeauty]her top is too tight....its cuttin into her titty[/quote] Actually her top is too SMALL for the size of her boobs. She looks good.. She's in shape. She's gotten her life together now. Used to be I'd agree with you guys that say she's a skank... but the girl is doing good and doing the right thing by/ for her kids now.
  • I think Jessica Alba is gorgeous. She looks a bit better with her earlier curves though. This country is too obsessed with every little ounce of fat ..even if its the RIGHT amount for a person's body... She just succumbed to the pressure.. I'm sure it is so very hard to be in the spot light and worried about what people are thinking of your body all the time though:S
  • There's not much of a butt in there is there? Well that coke works well to keep you from eating.....
  • This is what happens from too much working out people. And no her face does not look good.. it looks emaciated and doesnt have the pretty roundness of a natural bit of fat. She looks.. just... strange..alien