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  • Brie Darling Why don't you ask lesbeaver to lunch at Jules Verne or Ducasse at the Plaza-Athenee. I am sure it will be most eventful since you both seem like mavens of culture...and invite the pope he will want to know there are less catholics than bieber fans.
  • Oh quelle horrible. The Meurice doesn't suit the lesbeaverPlease send im to the Hilton or the Novotel where he will be more comfortable and can have a hamburger. As far as security well the King of Morocco, the king of Greece and other assorted royals ave stayed there with no security problem. He is simply not "a Meurice client" with his ippy dippy gangsta ways. He would not be allowed to walk thru the lobby in undies. The thought of him trying to get into Resturant Meurice boggles the mind. Becks, Posh, Tom Cruise stay at the Ritz and Madonna at the Crillon. They are bigger stars with more fans and they don't cause a problem. Poor boy needs a make-over and some lessons on using the right fork.