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  • Randy Newman's oscar's speech was wonderfully clever. Definitely my favorite of that night. Chris Cofler, though, has to win out for me. He was delightful!
  • This is at a site in Paluma, Queensland. It's a very fragile rainforest that is very susceptible to climate change. Many species of frog in Tropical Northern Queensland have already gone extinct or are on the brink, but this day we were measuring and checking up on the bird populations of the area. This bright little kingfisher was just gorgeous!
  • What they haven't said, is this "legal" drug is illegal in most states. It's even illegal in Amsterdam. It's often referred to as the nightmare drug, and can cause complete separations from reality, where the sense of self and even life disappear. It won't be legal for long, and don't ever think something is acceptable for being legal. If more people knew what this drug actually did, trust me, they would all prefer that she was just getting stoned.
  • [quote=CIndy]I agree with Naomi, but I am a fan of Mileys. I will admit at first seeing the video made me think of Miley as one of the people I went to High School with. Because kids use to come to school high off of whatever, so it wasn't a big deal. But seeing how the media takes everything most teenagers do and make it into something that it's not, I do realize Miley was wrong. If her friend wanted to record her to show her how she was acting while she wass high off of a LEGAL drug, that's fine. But Miley should have made sure the video didn't end up in the wrong hands. Miley was high so I'm pretty sure she didn't know at the time she was being filmed, but afterwards she should have made sure Anna erased the video. Miley is guilty of being "friends" with the wrong people, but she isn't guilty for wanting to experiment. It's human nature to want to try things you never done before, so I don't blame Miley in anyway for doing Salvia. Also putting pressure on young people in Hollywood to act like adults when mentally they aren't isn't fair either. Miley is at the age when teens go to college and have college partys and try stuff. So Miley is no different than any teen in America, she's just famous and people want to see her screw up so badly. So badly that they don't realize that part of it is their fault, the pressures of being young in Hollywood is just too much. It leads these celebs to want to try things to getaway from the negativity and hatred the world is throwing at them. We all learn from trial and error, so let Miley learn and stop judging. Having a teenager be a role model for other teenagers and kids is like, having the blind lead the blind. Your not going to get anywhere, because Miley is still learning herself. Her job is to entertain, not babysit. So let her entertain and let what she do in her private time stay in her private time. She didn't say on the video try Salvia, she didn't know about the drug herself. It's not her fault our society wants to be like the people they see on tv. Something my mom always told me, "Monkey see, monkey do, monkey is not you."[/quote]