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  • I guess if you were worth anything at all we would see your name and a picture of you, now wouldn't we!?!
  • Phil, that is nothing to be Jealous of, if I acted like that in public, and was that rude to other people, women children and men, I would have killed myself. She is plain dumb for her behavior and actions in public, she has no class or any respect for others especially the children!!!!! What a shame. She could have been classy if she wanted to be...
  • Tony and Jason are most likely 12year old boy's going through puberty... Or at least they sure sound like it.!!!
  • True enough, but so are the ones that are all fake as well. They are just as disgusting if not more disgusting than the flat chested ones, as you call them. Everyone is made the way God wants them to be, and no one has to add little bags of water to there boobs to make them larger to satisfy anyone else. Who the hell cares if someone is anorexic or not, we are not discussing someone who is anorexic or flat chested are we!?!
  • When you grow up and read a lot more, you will understand a lot more about what people are talking about. When they say fake, they know it is fake because she herself said so, it is not just a statement it is a FACT, she is all fake!!!
  • She looks a lot better than the one she is walking with!!!
  • That looks like a tattoo of a dogs paw on her leg, What she likes to let dogs near her pubic area or what? How sick!!!
  • My question is why is he dressed and not in a swim suite like her? He looks kinda stupid walking with her all dressed, good lord is he afraid of the water or what?!!!
  • I think they make a very good couple they look alike, just a little different skin color, but they make a perfect couple. I think they were made for each-other. Don't you???