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  • Thanks Kcs - I read it the wrong way. She wasn't hacked ... at least the videos weren't. I made Cheney Mason a very public offer to come get the computers in my house and have them forensically tested. This was back in late Jan early Feb .. and Im still waiting.
  • I am a non. A big time non. Always have been, always will be.. so is my husband. We were never offered money for the video, or talking about it after its release. We have since been offered money and deals ALL of which we turned down. We do NOT want money for this. It's blood money and we stand firmly against that at all cost. This includes Jeff Ashton's book. - At one time I did think Amelia and Brianne were the same person, then Amelia called our house and the # came up San Diego in her 'husbands' name. Now as to the matter of all the bs crap that has been written about me and my husband .. its bull. These things were written at a time Brianne and I were feuding. Since then she has offered her apologies and Ive done the same. We both took down what we could about the other. - Yes .. I DO know much about Amelia and the money trail AND Cindy and Casey splitting money. Remember I was the one who broke the news about the NBC 3rd party deal on our Boycott page .. way before TMZ claimed to do it. There is money being exchanged and filtered to Casey. If you would read boycott I also talk about her online shopping before Amelia ever put it in her pamphlet. Yes I have a source and it is rock solid. Every thing Ive reported has been true and has come to light. From the NBC deal to most recently w/ Cindy Anthony's "assisted self published" book she is trying to get done. The money trial IS being followed.
  • Ask Amelia about her work at Vivid and her animated underage pr0n .. yeah, she does that too!
  • Waste of money. Not factual except for the parts she copied and pasted from legitimate news articles. She is a fraud. Google her name + Radio News or go to facebook and look up Boycott LiesLiesLies: Exposing Casey and Surviving the Smear. Everything you ever wanted to know about this liar can be found in these places. Dont waste your money until you do.