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  • In glad to see that your responding to your fans for a second there i was beginning to worry that you were just another pretty face with out any substance and i wasn't sure if you answer your own emails or if that's just the way to keep the ball rolling i was really nice to you.I was curious and i thought i reach for the impossible and raise my standards of friends.you happen to appeal to me as a cool down to earth person that's really busy and you might need a friend someone that would have your back. someone whose real with old fashion values and morals. Im a great person that s been hurt and treated like ---- from friends and family at the end of the day it would be nice if someone saw the value of what my friendship .is worth and grab a hold of it im not some whacked out star struck fan .but just some one who could be a good friend with no strings i want nothing from you but maybe A CHANCE TO BE YOUR FRIEND.and a reply that you acknowledge this message that would be great thanks .YOURS TRULY