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  • C'mon y'all? Who even thinks the first pregnancy was real? We love her regardless if she's pregnant, not pregnant, used a surrogate or plans to use the same surrogate for another child. It's okay!! With a career like hers .. she can only do so much! She's a woman not SuperWoman. But if I actually believed she gave birth .. I'd want to see NEWSPAPER next to that wine bottle & honestly, having a small sip or pretending to have one, doesn't prove .. anything. :)
  • I wonder if Jay wrote it? Hmmm. But seriously, I'm still doubting she gave birth Blue Ivy. We have yet to EVER see her bare belly in :: any :: pictures published by her or those sneaky paparazzi who hide way in the mountains. Heck even seeing her belly deflate on some TV show was shocking enough to cause doubt. Drink up Bey .. we don't believe it either.
  • Wow. Her daughter looks so grown!!!!! Basically a mini-Reese from 20 years ago!! How tall is Reese though? Google states 5'1", so her daughter must be at 5'0" if this is true. Huh. Beautiful but impossible to hide from the paparazzi!
  • I agree with Justin! After watching Million Dollar Listing NYC on Bravo these last 4 weeks (love the show) -- this place is too plain & simple. It's looks super small with too many walls & the white paint doesn't help either. Even below standards of what we'd see being sold & purchased by non-celebrities on MDL with $2million to spend. I'm even surprised they bothered looking at this property because if I had their $$, I would have passed. So for the Aniston/Theroux's - keep looking and hire Fredrik with Douglas Elliman who's also on MDL too. He's shown some amazing places in between $2-3 million but I see this couple in something around $5-$7 million to be perfectly honest! Or something NEW and more OPEN (eg. less walls) for $2-3 million.
  • So sad and she was so young! Heartfelt condolences to Bruno and his family. :(
  • So sad and she was so young! Heartfelt condolences to his family. :(