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  • These are gross pictures!! And it's even grosser that they edited her to look skinnier! I can't believe they added extra rib bones to her, and she was okay with it! Lady Gaga is a fraud who tells other people to accept their bodies but then doesn't accept her own!
  • How is this even a question? Girl obviously got a boob job and it's quite sad! She's been spending too much time with the plastic Kardashian dolls - she used to be really pretty; but now she wears too much makeup, too big of hair, and now too big of boobs! I used to like Naya, but this is stupid and desperate, and I do not like it!
  • Kris is a stickin' liar! Kanye has never, and will never, change nappies/diapers in his life - Kim even said so! Yet, Kris, with her cheezin grin, just lies through her teeth about it and keeps the same face through the whole interview, even when the dude said 'niggas in Vienna'! Kim had to say don't talk about baby stuff- well, duh! She doesn't have anything to say about Ignori, plus she wants the attention on her! Did you guys notice how she started doing 'mommy blogs' on her blog page, but only did like two entries and then hasn't done one since her baby was born! I guess she'd rather talk about her outfit selection process than the new person she brought into the world- what a self-absorbed piece of crap!
  • Wow! What a hypocrite Selena! You cancel the rest of your tour, denying thousands of fans an opportunity to support you live, in order to take time for yourself. And instead of completing a rehab stint for yourself, you leave early to go and WORK??? If you're up for working, then why did you cancel your tour in the first place?? #liarliarpantsonfire
  • There's a lot of good shows on right now, but there's never an episode of Big Bang Theory where I don't think 'man, that was clever!' so, my vote goes to Big Bang Theory!
  • WHATEVER JP! That quote was not taken out of context, and I listened to the whole interview!! You definitely made sure to say how much you respect your gay friends, but at the same time you were implying that gay relationships aren't normal and teach kids bad values, and that gay intimacy is too perverted for viewers to handle. I don't even watch the Bachelor but this guy seems like a douche. There are SO many better shows out there than watching reality bigots like Juan Pablo and the Duck Dynasty clan!
  • TMZ just broke the story that they weren't on a break when he fathered the child...he totes cheated on her! The break seems to be a result of his cheating; and I can't believe she'd take him back after he had unprotected sex with at least one other woman! Sounds like an Usher Song!
  • Totally agree Tabatha! Everything he wears is trash and everything Kim wears because of him is trash! And what's up with the ripped jeans they keep wearing? Is Kimye trying to bring the 90s back? Hell, if we went back to the 90s we'd have a good economy and no Kimye, so I'm all for it!
  • Wow, a whole bunch of Kardashians with big hair, lots of makeup, and formal black dresses... never seen that before! Just because its got a crazy look to it, doesn't make this original because its the same way they get glammed up all the freakin time! This is a typical aggrandizing photo we're use to from them, but either way it doesn't make a good Christmas card!
  • Did anyone else notice her engagement ring is on her right hand? She never ceases to amaze with her antics and the lengths she goes to show off! Moving your engagement ring just so you can show it off in a selfie with the camera in front of your face? ! You and Kanye look super glam in that publicbathroom, lol!