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  • Three beautiful ladies, but Gisele has it for me. But Audrin and Geri look great too David
  • For me Anna Kournikova is a Goddess of a woman. She would fill the tennis courts at Wimbledon in a second with mortal men. Enjoyable as it would be to see her in her tennis skirts, it would be a mistake for her. David
  • I wish Kirsten Dunst all the best in beating Depression. She is a beautiful woman, has entertained us from jumanji to Wimbledon. David
  • I feel sorry for beautiful lady, I just hope cinderella Paris finds real happiness inside her frothy life.
  • Evangeline Lily looks gorgeous in the floaty dress. There must be a cloud missing in the sky somewhere. David
  • Congratulations on your success with the Gold Medal, in the Olympic Games last year in China you were brilliant. You are beautiful young woman, all the best for 2009 and beyond.
  • Dakota certainly has a good taste in clothes, look attractive for a young lady approaching her 15th birthday next month, attractive dress. Not shy on taking different types of films. from charlotte's web to war of the worlds to Hounddog come out soon. I believe she will have a good career in films like Kirsten Dunst.
  • Great and in Mamma Mia, gorgeous body and wow sexy in this and any dress. looking forward to her next films.
  • wow what a beautiful sight, heavenly earth bound angel
  • stunningly beautiful dakota, sure does have good taste in clothes.