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  • Us Weekly published a nebulous story of how Kristen cheated Rob with the director of SWATH. They even released a photo that was clearly mounted. I am telling you this because I do not want you to believe all the nonsense that newspapers are published. Here are the facts that are so obvious: 1) This picture was supposedly taken 17th July. Kristen spent that day playing golf with her father in another state! And we have 1000 photos as proof! 2) Kristen in this photo have a long, black hair, and every fan knows that her hair is not black since May when it was painted in brown for the BD part 2 re-shoots. 3) Do you think that any paparazzo who stumbles on such a juicy story would made just one photo? Because they have only that one photo. No! Last week there were like 100 pictures of her just getting into the car and this is much more interesting for them. :-) 4) Kristen face on the pic is from her date with rob from 5 days ago 5) Even if this is true, that she cheated him, do you think that she would do that on the street, where everyone can see that? Please, we all know she is not that kind of girl! There you are, these are facts and you decide who you believe, magazine who wants to increase sales. The link to the reason number 4 is here so looke haters: To all you fucking people that think it's so funny say bad thinks about Kristen: GET A FUCKING LIFE