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  • she still looks the same and she looks awesome in that dress.
  • i luv dakota fanning she is a good actress!!!!!!!! :D
  • she is probably looking at another guy!!!!!!
  • [quote=Heather]uuuhhm noo? are you jealous because she has so skinny legs?At least they r not slutty shorts ;)Love her outfit she has class not like other fat ugly disney stars(Slutty Cyrus)[/quote] u probably have fat legs too and u probably have short shorts also.
  • [quote=damn]why r you fat people so jealous?Miley is great? ppffff she is ugly and fat!And Miley is now the bigger star but wait without Hannah Monatna she's nothign she sound slike a duck and her acting is horible but Selena will get big deals in her future so let's see!Selena's Body is perfect not fat like Miley![/quote] i know miley is fat selena has a better body and miley's acting does suckkkk.
  • [quote=flavourousgirl]I hate this girl ... There's something about her that annoys me SO much, I don't know what it is ....@germanxxannie - I agree with you! :)) Miley is great, she is NOT fat, she is curvy and that's great, she is almost adult. Selena is still a baby that's why she is so thin[/quote] well if u r calling selena a baby she is cute miley is ugly as heck.
  • well i hate miley cyrus she is not good for him. I think selena and taylor were good for each other but taylor was just to good for her but nick and selena r a great couple.:D
  • I just dont like taylor swift but she does sing good.
  • She is still checking out his muscles.
  • She's probably checking out his muscles. HAHAHA