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  • I am currently looking for a new mascara, since I am a HUGE mascara fan because i love rocking my long natural lashes! Anyways this mascara sounds great i've tried many and they do get to clumpy at times the separator sounds great!
  • I would LOVE to win these glasses because they are absolutely FAB, and I need some new shades! Especially here in CALI where its hot and beautiful.
  • and i forgot to mention that it would be extremely helpful when i start nursing school in a couple of months!
  • Mainly, i would use it to organize my notes, study, and review material and since I'm a biology major you can imagine how much studying there is. I would also use it for gps since i constantly get lost driving, well only when im in a new area or looking for specific things. I would also use it for power point presentations since that how my notes are post. It would also be wonderful to use in class since my laptop is heavy and dying out. I would also use the excel sheets for my class. I would use youtube, video, usb connectivity, play some video games, browse the internet and go on celebuzz, play music, write term papers, use the calendar to organize my day and things that are due in my classes, read pdf's, read book, use twitter, use skype to get in touch with my family that lives far away, and definitely use google docs, remote control on other machines, create word documents, draw, use photo slides...and as you can see i would use it for everything and put it to good use everyday!