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  • That is one NAAAAAAAAASTY chick!!!! Dammit, I think something south of the border on me just crawled up back inside!!!!
  • Oh... and DAMNED but that's a nasty bootie!!!!! Got a NEGATIVE ass! Looks as if it is sucking itself IN!!!!
  • Uhhh, no YOU idiot, it's a nipple... What kinda scary assed hand shadows have YOU been seeing?!
  • It's not the shape of her body, to me. I think that, despite those horrendous fake boobs, she is a nice looking lady. She DOES, however, need to realize that wearing outfits like THAT, obviously meant for smaller and YOUNGER ladies, will and SHOULD bring comments, good OR bad!!! When you dress to stand out, as she obviously does, then you can't be upset when some of the attention that you want to generate is negative. It was a bad decision. She is NOT a seventeen year old girl attempting to show herself off to young, hormone imballanced young men!!! She should use common sense, and realize that she should dress more appropriately for her age (although still "young"), her status as a Mom and simply put, for her shape... Just because attire is available for a woman of her shape and age doesn't mean that it is therefore "OK' to wear...