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  • hola chica!! very nice pic def. got the kim how funny we live in the same area..anyway good luck girl
  • wow u really look like her in this pic not only ur body but ur face and hair... good luck =)
  • thanks mama i do have alot of pics on here i posted a bunch yesturday...
  • [quote=crisna]This is the closest Kim look alike, Good Luck Liz[/quote] THANK U SOOO MUCH !!! NOT TO MANY PEOPLE ON HERE THINK SO =)
  • [quote=Amanda]Oh wait! I thought he was the one that bad. In that case, I'd vote for you! You should def be top 4![/quote] aww thanks amanda ive had some harsh comments and by far urs have been the best..i did this cuz my lil sis put me on here..
  • [quote=Take the glasses off]This is a Kim look-a-like contest, not a who-has-the-same-glasses contest[/quote] MABY U SHOULD LOOK AT MY OTHER PICS WITH OUT GLASSES AND WITH OUT MAKEUP DUMB BI*%H........ STOP HATIN..LMAO
  • hey kim im not at all tryin to be like u , u are soo beautiful and i admire u... well my lil sister made me a page on here so what the hell ill give it a shot..alot of my friends tell me i look like u.. they call me mini so how do i enter ??