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  • again, i think that it is very sweet of them to be "going out". i think that they would make an amazing couple... but, it is not official. just give it time. nick obviously saw something in miley... and we should respect that. again, either way, they both have my support. (just a personal comment) YEAHAHHHH, SELENA!
  • i hope that they continue. they are amazing. both of them. together or not they have my support. good luck you two! :]
  • by the way, i love them.
  • FOR THE PEOPLE LEAVING MEAN COMMENTS ONLY! first off, why are you even looking on their page? i mean, they must have sparked your interest in some good way. secondly, just respect. they are regular people. with regular lives. nick deserves to have someone. & be able to keep it a secret. we all do. is that too much to ask? && if you guys are really "big fans" you would respect their need for some space.