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  • [quote=sdf]Look at her ugly face hahahaha ugly fat dumb biiiitch[/quote] I don't like Miley Cyrus at all, but.. you are completely pathetic and ridiculous. Look how tiny her waist is - she's clearly not fat. I hope you realise you're making a fool of yourself with comments like that.
  • [quote=Nikki3] Goodness women are supposed to have hips,behind...etc.I'm glad I'm apart of an ethnic community that appreciates women as such instead of wanting them to be pubescent boys![/quote] Narrow-minded much? There's a middle ground between looking like pre-pubescent boys and carrying a lot of weight. Clearly you're curvy (or overweight, even? Nobody seems to know the difference any more.) and unwilling to accept that anything different looks good. Besides, she's had oversized implants put in, and probably plenty of other surgeries to make her butt stand out, so I don't see how she at all represents what women are "supposed" to look like...
  • Aside from the fact that she now looks worse than she did before, I don't understand why people do this to themselves. The fact that she's self-obsessed [okay, we already knew that] and insecure enough to do all this is more unattractive than any physical feature. Plus, she missed about 200 pounds of useless fat..
  • It's not her age that's the problem, it's the fact that she's acting like a total slut! Of course 17-year-old's are sexual, but there's a time and a place! At a party or something, fine. But taking pics like this with an old man (and he IS, compared to her. He's literally old enough to be her dad)? Not cool. She's a Disney star, for Christ's sake, and she just needs to accept that or go away 'cause she's not talented enough to do anything else.. expect maybe enter the porn industry.
  • I always thought she was beautiful but it wasn't until I watched the Other Boleyn Girl that I realised just how gorgeous she is. And at least she's not a total bimbo. Or a slut.
  • [quote=anon]Hardly appropriate considering shes preggo[/quote] I'm pretty sure it's Kourtney who's knocked-up. I understand why yo made that mistake, though; but alas, it's not pregancy hormones/baby weight playing havoc with her appearance - she really does look like that.
  • Um. She looks like an amputee.
  • Why would anyone want this hag to show their clothes off? She looks disgusting. Oh, wait. It's Richie Rich. I see.
  • I doubt it's true; but if it is, so what? She had some happy years with the man, and then he did an awful thing to her. Of course it's going to upset her from time to time - both because of what she lost, and the horrible thing that he did to her. I'm sure it's a terrifying thing to look back and think about how her life used to be, and how she had probably thought it would always be.
  • It's slightly ironic that he said he could help people, give them therapy, considering his own mental state. Love or hate him, there's no denying he was a very troubled man. I'm just gonna ignore the joke that's been presented to us about touching something inside Hitler. Sorry to be a spoilsport, :(.