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  • Again the media is apt to believe anything a non fan says about him. Only one person mentioned any pot smell. Furthermore, is talking in fun to animals so unusual. Countless persons have done the same in zoos and at home. What planet are his critics on this from? Anything he does is over scrutinized like the being carried up the wall of China which was a fun prank in connection with a video.
  • They are his fathers parents with whom he was not close growing up. Justin saw them last in Xmas. He may not have know of their situation but it's not appropriate that he goes to same media that trashes his grandson.
  • Obviously the neighbors who read or hear gossip[they can't all be winesses to his alleged misdeeds] don't like him and want him out. He's hardly ever home and some driving incidents were not his fault but that of friends he lent his car to and of paps chasing after him for pics and videos used to trash him by gossip sites. It's all obvious from their remarks, they don't like him or his black friends[prejudice?].
  • A key phrase for those that can read is: activities for which you should be medically able and trained which shows that games might be played that a person should not try because of the possibility of injury whereupon the person may turn around and sue Justin-thus the liability document that many other celebrities have. Also in view of the chatter about the parties by someone a short time ago which revealed pot use, not by Justin who was away but by some guests and resulted in a TMZ article, It's understandable he wants no one going to the press about anything said or done there. It's a question of privacy.
  • People who hate on him know next to nothing about him-except overblown or false reports in gossip sites which I could go into detail on. But they don't hear of his work with children over the years. He has visited terminally ill fans in hospitals and contributed to schools for poor kids-the other day he donated 20,000 dollars to a school which he visited. Almost nothing in the media about this-yes, he is a good kid even if he makes mistakes as we all do.
  • What's the big deal? He can't even take a leak without being criticized? Is he the only teen that has a beer once in a while? You are all hypocrites who criticize him-millions of teens drink beer and more-are they all jerks? Obama drinks beer, is he a jerk-crickets?
  • Let me add that if a so-called friend did not sell the pics to TMZ for $25,000 betraying Justin, nobody would have made a big deal of this and the world would have been at peace! Justin did nothing that millions including the President have not done.
  • It's amazing Justin Timberlake would be considered a role model for Bieber since he also smokes pot. Also, his visiting the child was not a publicity stunt; he has done this many times before. the media was not invited to be there. The pics originated from the family and were posted in the internet. There was no effort to publicize a visit that was the result of an online request by the family and fans.