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  • totally love the dress =]] wish i could wear something like that and get away with it =]
  • come on somebody has to give this chic two thumbs up!!! she's like totally awsome all these other un-original bitches show up in stilettos and them kristen is all comfy-sexy with some converse...ppl think me and my peeps were crazy for wearing converse to prom...i think they rock....love you kristen!!! keep up the good work!!=]]
  • okay i love this chic...everyone's worried about perfection and all that junk and she's just like so what it's a fake thing of popcorn it's not like it's killing someone dang...atleast she isn't as bad as some of the other women her age give her a break.... and I LOVE AWKWARD ppl we totally rock this world and it wouldn't be the same without us...=]]]
  • wow peter looks good lol but you can totally see that it's contacts...all the twilight men look good...slowly but surely edwards getting to the bottom of my list....i'm more of a blonde person anyway...i like carlisle and jasper they're cute...
  • [quote=Tya]"who took long cigarette breaks together during the meal"How romantic. I wonder what they talked about? Whose gonna get lung cancer first?[/quote] i love your comment and might i add who's to say it was a cigarette break after all...i mean who hasn't said they're doing one thing when they're really doing another...hell i told my mama once in church i was going to the bathroom but instead i got my 1st kiss/ make out session in the sunday school room...but hey they can do whatever they please...
  • oooooohhhh i have a question since rob and kristen are a must be couple because of their roles in twilight does that mean: nikki and kellan (rosalie & emmett) ashley and jackson (alice & jasper) peter and elizabeth (carlisle & esme) cam and rachelle (james & victoria) have to get together too? cuz to me it seems like this twilight bullsh*t is running rob and kristen's life...so what's stopping them from trying it on everyone else.
  • [quote=paice]if they are together then good for them..... we have no right or hold on either of them....theyare their own person and they can do whom ever they like[/quote] i agree whole heartedly i mean i do not think if we decided to go hop in the bed with a sexy british man that we wouly want cameras in our faces and paparazzi around every corner asking about it...
  • [quote=sasha]now i love billy burke.[/quote] i know thank you Billy for gracing us with the truth =] now you can get on the roof tops and shout it out so maybe some of these love bitten freaks will chillax
  • [quote=lapiz1980]what i wanna know is according to the book isn't this movie mainly about jacob and bella (kristen and taylor) so whats next rumors about taylor and krisen hookin up? Besides I was hopin they will stick with the book and let edward take the backseat so the bella and jacob pair can come forth. (I mean the characters and not the actors!)[/quote] oh no no no now taylor is with gomez...do you read the magazines!!! these poor people have signed their own death sentence getting into this over rated vampiric BULLsh*t!!!
  • okay everyone do as i say....take a really really deep breath....okay now hold it! hold it! okay let it out....now this is reality prepare to be amazed!!!! Robert Thomas Pattinson & Kristen Jaymes Stewart may or may not be a couple... the world is DYING to know the answer...we get hear say about their hook ups and how them being brought together by the movie is sheer fate...m'kay now that all that is said let me take a louisville slugger to your fantasies and eventually grind them to powder...there is only a 50/50 chance they are together no one has gotten an insider's opinion so far...now Burke has straight up told you there is nothing going on...now how come the co-star doesn't know and he's there behind the scenes at all times, but the reporters who are not on set, know it all...if the 23 yr old goofball and thge 19 year old goddess are hitting it off then FABULOUS!!! but either way it will not effect your life...you will still probably marry a guy from your high school years and that's that...Rob and Kristen's possibly there and possibly not there relationship is irrelevant and NONE OF THE VIEWERS BUSINESS!!! send me to jail i said it...oooh that was fun i'm gonna do it again....NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!=]]]