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  • hola, the shades are versace , have a bless day:)james
  • Well i believe, some people "not the kardashians"have kids because they fill a need to be loved or give love~kinda like a pet, people have pets the same way~problem is after having them they lose the want, and begain to party and live a single life but cant! a child is much more importent then a pet~you can give a pet to a friend or leave your pet with a friend, and come back a week later.this dosent work that way with a child~have a pet first , a puppy that will give one an idea of the training it will take, and this is a pet, so sad how many kids are brought into this world~only to be left behind. baby's are beautiful and deserve lots of love and attention be ready when having one~my wishes are always with kim and her family:) her parents will help they have a lovely family i don't see a problem there happy birthday kimmie:) jamescarrera
  • I was DJ Carrera last year, i created this idea:) found the mask and wanted a joker look this is what i came up with~trust me this party went off~i kept sampling the theme from the movie Halloween, cant beat it, over songs from bands like corn,ozzy,some trance,rabbit in the moon, crystal method,moby~so many others Awesome