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  • Pink Panda. Actually anything you want to give me would be graciously received
  • I have four reasons for wanting to win. My granddaughters Carmen,the twins Taylor and Jordan and Bailey . They love watching Kendal and Kylie on The Kardashians. There has to be a grown up watching with them so we can mute when necessary or we tivo and ff through some of the content. One of their fave episodes is when Chris let the girls get a puppy without asking " Daddy" . The way it was handled when Bruce found out was perfect. There was a lesson there and my granddaughters didnt miss it. We talked about telling the truth, keeping secrets from grown ups and learned about the responsibilty of caring for a pet. Well thank you for the oppurtunity. The Price -Larsen family love you!!!
  • ....Im a big fan of Lee Childs', but more specifically of Jack Reacher. I have read them all. Waiting with bated breath ( in a state of suspenseful anticipation) between each and every one. I even had a weird ritual kinda thing where i would get the book hot off the press, so to speak and then not read it for a couple days. I' d just look at and hold it. You see i knew once i started reading it i wouldnt put it down until the end. And then that would be it until the next one came out which could be as long as a year!!!! UGH Anyway.... i know we all have our own ideas of what jack looks like. My "jack" has light brown hair ( with highlights from the sun) and blue with gray eyes. Dimple on right cheek, and cleft chin. He is TALL with a muscular build. Jacks description in the books is 6'5, 50" chest, ice blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Little to no body fat with an exceptionally muscular physique ( claiming genetics as he hates exercising) there' s more but i assume you get where i am going with this. Who in the Samuel P. Heck was in charge of casting????? Jeez. Tom Cruise really????? YUCK. Talk about totally screwing that up! Mr Casting director if you needed help you should have asked. You could have set up polls on the internet, sites like Barnes and Noble. Did you even read any of the books? Of course not ( obviously) if you had you' d have known there were NO similarities...NONE, ZERO, ZIP,ZILCH. Perhaps they' ll make another of the Reacher novels into a movie, and perhaps they' ll cast it more appropriately. thanks for letting me share my thoughts and opinions. PS Daniel Craig would have been a good Jack Reacher.