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  • Penny is about the same age and size as my grand daughter and I'm super protective of her, If i found a 2 piece that covered properly i would let her wear it. I don't see a problem. She's an adorable kid...I think Kourt and Scott are great parents. It's clear they adore them.
  • Ooh My Dear, I don't know how old you are but your pic looks very very young, Yes baby's are great and they will bring you alot of joy and happiness when your ready for them. If you really love kids and you feel like you want one pls baby sit for someone close to you, Then when you go home set your alarm clock for every 41 min's, But don't worry that only last about a year once their 1st tooth comes they tend to sleep better. Also remember the cost of having a child means you'll forget how to shop for yourself by the time you can afford to again. Pls take my word for it. Wait till your older and really ready for that part of your life you have lots of time yet, You'll enjoy it much more.