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  • this girl will do anything to keep herself in the tabloids.......and I mean anything!!!
  • I love seeing these two, they are my favorite people on earth, that little face of Matilda always makes me smile, she looks like a little Heath and Michelle such a beautiful woman who loves her little daughter so much, I love the walks they take, Kappy Easter to you both. Love janice Power Boston Mass oxox
  • Paris and Doug look great together, hay you never ever know they just may be the perfect match, they sure look good together, I am also happy to see people find love, I do hope they both have....
  • why are you doing a giveaway on jeans with only size 28???? the real world woman is size 12
  • he looks wiped out, not easy to be in your forties and have six very young children, the poor guy needs some sleep......not easy to get old
  • she is such a beautiful girl, I loved her in the movie she did with Daniel Day-Lewis, I wish her all the best and speaking of Daneil Day Lewis I miss him, I have not seen him since the awards last year when he spoke of Heath Ledger, Daniel was really hurting, such a great man....
  • Thank you so much for writing me, I really appreciate it, no one ever takes there time out to ever send me an e mail, since I have been on Celebuzz you are my very first e mail and I have been here for almost a year I think, so that means a lot to me and to notify me about the giveaway is awsome, you are a very nice person to do that, thanks again, I will always remember you. Kindly, Janice Power
  • she needs a make over badly and cut that rag hair that is dragging her down, long hair is beautiful but it is not for everyone, especially Lindsay she looks awful, very sad, her mom should pay for her to get the make over, after all Lindsay supported her family for how long, time to give back she needs it.
  • is the contest still going on, I could never afford anything like this, I would love to be added to the contest list if possible please. Kindly, Janice Power
  • Caligornia wake up and pass a law, the paparazzi's have gone to far for years and are only getting worse, every human being has the right to live a some what normal life, this family can not even walk to there car without hundreds of eyeballs on them, all they want is to be able to play outside with there kids, walk down there own street and socialize with there neighbors, let there kids ride there bikes with there friends, this should not be so difficult to understand, they are being chased out of here, because California has not passed a law on how far the razzi's can go, when will California wake up to this very Important Issue.