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  • U have to be pretty pathetic to call a child ugly. Is she grotesque. Hell no. She is only 8 year old.And i bet u would not say she was ugly to her face. Her father would kick your ass and pay a lawyer to get off.
  • All the people who have something negative about this baby are stupid and pathetic and probably don't have a mother who loves them. Ohhh, mommy never gave u a hug. To bad, get over it.Don't hate cuz u got all your love from a bottle and a blanket.
  • i think he is so cute. I have mad respect for Bullock. This little boy is going to have a good life because of her. I don't care if Sandra is not black. I am a black women and I think that it does not matter the color of the person who is showing you luv so long as u get it. We all need someone and he's got a mother who is caring and loving and happens to be white. So what. Keep doing what ur doing Sandra.