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  • you can breastfeed with a boob job theres alot of moms who have pamela anderson kourtney kardashian just a coule of examples
  • i think people should really give her a chance and stop shunning her. she hasent gone any where shes been there shes been around but people are way too negative. i think what if it was your daughter or sister or cousin you never turn your back on anyone because they screwed up you just fill them up with more love and give them the needed attention not negative attention. like in cochella everyones like oh no shes surrounded by drugs and alcohol lets watch her relapse but this is real life and not our life its lindsay's life and when you make polls like this you just fill the audience with anguish and they already dont like it without watching it. never judge by what others say make your own choice by watching it yourself. megan fox yea shes sultry and full of sex appeal but weyll be thinking the same of megan like we do of lindsay's in a few months or so because someone new comes along they always do and i just think everyone needs to drop the lindsay thing just like we did for paris and britney focus on your own life you wouldnt live in your neighbors life like this why hers and why now. and im just a fan